Redefining Rail Freight Industry Through FLEXRail’s Advanced Technology

Redefining Rail Freight Industry Through FLEXRail’s Advanced Technology

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United States automotive manufacturers face various rail shipping challenges, including hard-to-track shipments and unreliable delivery times, which can disrupt production schedules. This lack of visibility and predictability in the rail freight industry usually leads to inefficiencies and delayed deliveries, potentially damaging valuable customer relationships.


FLEXRail’s advanced technology transforms rail shipping for the automotive industry by enhancing tracking accuracy and visibility, ensuring precise information on shipment locations and timings. This innovation improves scheduling efficiency, provides more predictable delivery times and results in a streamlined shipping process that helps manufacturers manage their logistics more effectively. 


The Game-Changing Aspect of Visibility in Rail Freight Industry

Enhanced visibility is crucial in the rail freight industry to monitor the precise movements of automotive cargo. According to the 2023 Global Transportation Management Benchmark Survey, visibility is the top management priority for shippers and logistics service providers.


FLEXRail collaborates with AutoVentive, our sister company, to maintain rigorous schedules and uphold the high standards expected in auto manufacturing logistics. AutoVentive enhances visibility with technologies like the AV Shadow system, which tracks each vehicle’s precise location, operation and status, providing a comprehensive view that supports our commitment to precision and safety.


With AutoVentive’s real-time tracking system, you can monitor assets from origin to destination, ensuring they arrive on time and in the right condition. The inventory management system can help you keep track of inventory, enabling you to optimize your supply chain and avoid stockouts. By streamlining operations with Autoventive’s rail logistics solutions, you can achieve better accuracy and efficiency, improving customer satisfaction.

FLEXRail moves your supply chain with the most effective, efficient, economical rail services and logistics solutions.


FLEXRail’s Technology Solution for Rail Freight Industry: A Deep Dive

Having state-of-the-art technology powering your supply chain yard management system (YMS) allows organizations the ability to respond swiftly to changing market demands, minimize disruptions and achieve greater customer satisfaction. Investing in the latest technology for your YMS is a strategic imperative to stay ahead of the competition and drive sustainable growth for your business.


Advanced Tracking and Monitoring System

FLEXRail’s advanced tracking system offers real-time updates and comprehensive data on each vehicle’s transit status. This technology enables intermodal rail companies and logistics managers to make well-informed decisions, optimize routes and reduce transit times while ensuring the vehicles are handled carefully. 


Integration of Cutting-edge Devices

AutoVentive’s AV Shadow is an advanced telematics tracking system with plug-and-play functionality. It provides users with a digital blueprint of every vehicle’s location, operation and status as their assets move from origin to destination — all in real time. By monitoring vehicle-specific data like G-force readings, speed, harsh acceleration or braking, shippers can better predict when and where damage is likely to occur.

Real-Time Monitoring Capabilities

AV Shadow can track and monitor each vehicle in the fleet. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) can gather precise data on their vehicles’ movements, which is crucial for refining routes, enhancing delivery timings and maximizing resource utilization. It also improves fleet management by allowing OEMs to address emergencies, route deviations or any potential risks that occur during transit.

Secure Data Transmission

AutoVentive YMS is a secure, cloud-based yard management solution that automates and optimizes critical processes within the supply chain. As a web and Android application, it leverages leading wireless, software and hardware technologies to provide visibility and analytics on finished vehicle shipments and workforce activities. The system is hosted in the cloud and can be conveniently and securely accessed as a web application on any internet-connected computer. It can also be co-hosted on client-owned servers.

Operational Efficiency

A robust YMS enables efficient and seamless management of the entire supply chain, from receiving and storing goods to timely delivery. By leveraging advanced technology, such as real-time data analytics, AI-driven automation and Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity, AutoVentive YMS optimizes inventory control, reduces operational costs and improves overall productivity. It provides accurate visibility into the movement of goods, streamlines workflows, minimizes errors and enhances stakeholder collaboration.


Here’s a look at how process automation streamlines workflows and eliminates manual tasks:

  • Yard visibility provides real-time insights into all yard assets, shipments and workforce activities.
  • Fully cloud-based network architecture for fast cost-effective deployments for every yard size and location.
  • Standard, customizable and scheduled reports, alerts, dashboards and KPIs to fully harness the power of data.
  • Expert implementation and supply for easy and rapid deployment with 24/7 customer service.
  • Seamless integration with existing transportation management systems (TMS), warehouse management systems (WMS) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems for flexibility.

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The FLEXRail Experience: Beyond Technology

Customer-centric Approach

FLEXRail recognizes that effective logistics management is more than just the physical transporting of goods; it’s about creating harmonious operations. So, we designed our services to align with and enhance your internal logistics processes. We work closely with your team to ensure our solutions integrate smoothly and add value at every step.


With more than four decades of experience handling a broad range of commodities, we’ve helped customers in every major industry improve the effectiveness of their rail transportation efforts. We can tailor our services to meet your transportation needs with solutions that include logistics services, terminal operations, transloading solutions, and more.


With FLEXRail, you’ll get a customized supply chain solution that meets your time, cost, transportation and visibility requirements. Whether you want to reach new markets, resolve supply chain glitches or simply find a better way forward, FLEXRail is here to help you achieve your goals.


Proactive Notifications and Alerts

Information is as crucial as the cargo itself. Using AV Shadow, FLEXRail’s proactive notifications and alerts system is engineered to keep you ahead of the curve. This feature provides timely and accurate updates on a vehicle’s transit status so your team stays well-informed.


Whether it’s a delay due to weather, a reroute because of logistical challenges or an early arrival, our system ensures that you have the information you need when needed. This transparency is crucial for maintaining the flow of operations and allows you to manage the complexities of vehicle transport.


This advanced telematics tracking system can also prevent theft during transport, which is one of the challenges in the supply chain. According to Overhaul’s annual report, automobiles and auto parts were the top five stolen products in the U.S. in 2022. 


These theft incidents result in loss of crucial assets, heightened operational expenses and possible interruptions to vital services. The AV Shadow enables you to continuously monitor your assets in real time using geofencing technology, which accurately locates and confirms the status of your inventory.


Enhanced Coordination and Planning

Integrating notifications and alerts facilitates better coordination among various departments in the rail freight industry, from production to distribution and sales. This enhanced communication streamlines planning processes, ensuring that all teams are synchronized and vehicles move through the supply chain optimally. 

This enhanced coordination is vital because, as Capgemini Research Institute reported, “Disruption in the supply chain is seen as the top risk to business growth for 89% of organizations, ahead of rising raw material prices and the energy crisis.”

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The Impact of FLEXRail on the Rail Shipping Industry

FLEXRail’s sophisticated dashboard is pivotal for enhancing logistics management within intermodal rail companies, offering powerful tools for high efficiency and strategic decision-making. By providing real-time visualization of critical metrics such as shipment routes, times and vehicle conditions, the dashboard enables logistics managers to make swift and informed decisions. The user-friendly design simplifies complex data, making it easier to identify trends and inefficiencies to optimize the shipping process and reduce potential bottlenecks.


Key features of the FLEXRail dashboard include:

Real-Time Data Visualization: This feature offers instant access to critical shipping data, enabling quick response to real-time conditions and route adjustment as necessary.


Advanced Analytics: Employs predictive tools to forecast delays and maintenance needs to help anticipate and mitigate potential issues before they impact the supply chain.


Customizable Reporting: This feature allows users to focus on specific operational goals by customizing views and reports to highlight relevant data, such as fuel efficiency or route optimization.


Seamless System Integration: This ensures compatibility with existing TMS, WMS, and ERP systems, facilitating smooth data flow and enhancing information accuracy and timeliness.


Proactive Management Tools: This solution provides comprehensive tools for ongoing monitoring, analysis, and reporting, empowering managers to proactively oversee and refine supply chain operations.


These capabilities collectively support intermodal rail companies in maintaining a dynamic approach to market changes and continuously optimizing logistics strategies.

The Future of Rail Logistics with FLEXRail

Real-time shipment visibility is no longer a luxury but a necessity. It empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions, enhances customer experiences and paves the way for a more efficient and resilient supply chain. With FLEXRail, transform your yard into an automated, data-driven, integrated and interconnected part of your supply chain.


At FLEXRail, we understand that every business has unique needs. That’s why we create personalized supply chain solutions that align with your requirements. We consider your time, cost, transportation and visibility needs to deliver a solution that works for you.


With FlexRail, rail shippers gain peace of mind knowing that their cargo’s journey is transparent, accountable and backed by advanced technology.


Request a demo to explore how we can tailor our logistics solutions to your needs. Move forward with FLEXRail, where innovation drives the future of rail freight logistics.


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