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Having state-of-the-art technology powering your supply chain yard management system (YMS) is crucial in today’s fast-paced and highly competitive business landscape. It allows organizations to respond swiftly to changing market demands, minimize disruptions and achieve greater customer satisfaction. Investing in the latest technology for your YMS is a strategic imperative to stay ahead of the competition and drive sustainable growth for your business.

AutoVentive YMS For Your Management Needs

Utilizing a technology platform that brings everyone together and working from the same playbook has never been so critical. Our sister company AutoVentive uses a proactive approach to industry advancements and IT solutions to keep your business ahead of the curve. 

AutoVentive YMS is a secure, cloud-based yard management solution that automates and optimizes critical processes within the supply chain. As a Web and Android application, it leverages leading wireless, software and hardware technologies to provide visibility and analytics on finished vehicle shipments and workforce activities. The system is hosted in the cloud and can be conveniently and securely accessed as web applications on any internet-connected computer. It can also be co-hosted on client-owned servers.

The inventory management system can help track inventory, enabling you to optimize your supply chain and avoid stockouts. By streamlining operations with AutoVentive’s rail logistics solutions, you can achieve better accuracy and efficiency to improve customer satisfaction.

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The system is compatible with Android devices built for the industry such as the Zebra TC75 or L10. Rugged Android devices deployed among departments empower users with quick access to data and a simple, reliable means for inputting or updating information.

They can facilitate fast communication for two-way data transfer between the web and handheld devices, bringing timely and actionable information to everyone in your organization.

Advanced Technology to Drive Business Growth

A robust YMS enables efficient and seamless management of the entire supply chain, from receiving and storing goods to timely delivery. By leveraging advanced technology, such as real-time data analytics, AI-driven automation and Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity, AutoVentive YMS optimizes inventory control, reduces operational costs and improves overall productivity. It provides accurate visibility into the movement of goods, streamlines workflows, minimizes errors and enhances collaboration among stakeholders.

  • Process automation to streamline workflows and eliminate manual tasks.
  • Yard visibility provides real-time insights into all yard assets, shipments and workforce activities.
  • Fully cloud-based network architecture for fast cost-effective deployments for every yard size and location.
  • Standard, customizable and scheduled reports, alerts, dashboards and KPIs to fully harness the power of data.
  • Expert implementation and supply for easy and rapid deployment with 24/7 customer service.
  • Seamless integration with existing TMS, WMS and ERP systems for flexibility.

*Disclaimer: The AV Shadow is available exclusively for the automotive industry.

Use AutoVentive YMS with the AV Shadow for even more visibility in the supply chain. The AV Shadow is an advanced telematics tracking system providing OEMs with a digital blueprint as finished vehicles move from origin to destination.

In a rapidly evolving world, real-time shipment visibility is no longer a luxury but a necessity. It empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions, enhances customer experiences and paves the way for a more efficient and resilient supply chain. Transform your yard into an automated, data-driven, integrated and interconnected part of your supply chain with AutoVentive YMS.

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