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FLEXRail keeps your supply chain moving with the most effective, efficient and economical rail services and logistics solutions available.

FlexRail is a premier rail logistics solutions provider. With over four decades of experience handling a broad range of commodities, we’ve helped customers in every major industry improve the effectiveness of their rail transportation efforts. 

With a range of solutions that include logistics services, terminal operations, transloading solutions, and more, we can tailor our services to meet your transportation needs.

Transload and Multi-Modal

Contract Rail Switching and Yard Management

Railcar Maintenance and Management

Rail Technology



Shippers often have more access to competitive rail options than they realize.

FLEXRail can help you figure out rail access options.

Rail is often a lower cost and lower price option than truck on a per ton mile basis.

FLEXRail can help you understand tariffs, accessorial charges, and linehaul rates.

Improving modal mix by including rail can result in an overall increase in service reliability.

FLEXRail can help shippers align their supply chain requirements with scheduled rail service.

Transload Multi-Modal

Shipping by rail often represents the fastest, lowest cost, and most secure means for moving products long distances. However, not all shippers and receivers have direct rail access. Many destinations simply can not be reached by rail alone, and require transloading the process of transferring inventory shipments from one conveyance to another before it reaches its final scheduled destination. This typically implies moving the commodities from rail to truck, or from truck to rail. 

Transloading gives you the best of both worlds, combining economical rail transport for the long haul, with the flexibility of over-the-road trucking for final delivery. Transloading can also support your storage needs. If your products need to be stored for a period of time before final delivery, they can be transloaded for ground storage, then transloaded back to trains or trucks when they’re ready for final delivery.

With your needs in mind, we’ll create a solution that achieves your goals by combining transportation modes to maximize efficiency and make the most of your transportation dollars. Our transload and multi-modal solutions move products seamlessly between trucks and trains so your products travel via the most efficient mode available. 

Utilizing our extensive network of transportation providers, including railroads, trucking companies and transload facilities, we select the partners to best execute the plan. We’ll handle all the details and provide a bundled rate for all the services. 

With FLEXRail, you’ll get a customized supply chain solution that meets your time, cost, transportation and visibility requirements. Whether you want to reach new markets, resolve supply chain glitches or simply find a better way forward, FLEXRail is here to help you achieve your goals.

Whether you’re shipping bulk products, intermodal containers, liquids, oversized objects, produce, frozen foods or time-sensitive products, you’ll get a solution that’s easy for you and beneficial to your supply chain.

Contract Rail Switching and Yard Management

There is far more to rail transport than moving freight from one point to another. FLEXRail can help you manage the rest of your operation with our wide array of supplemental services. 

  • Contract Railcar Switching Contract rail switching of cars inside a customer facility with FLEXRail. We can assist with inter-plant and intra-plant moves along with air brake testing of cars scheduled to be picked up. Experienced railroad professionals will develop and execute a customized daily switching plan to reduce dwell time and improve asset utilization, all while enhancing the overall efficiency of an industry’s rail operation.
  • Transloading & Warehousing – Our transloading transportation services can simplify your operations, improve efficiency, and expand your company’s reach.
  • Yard Management and Pre-Trip

No matter where you are located, we can help you manage the complexities of an intraplant rail facility and give you that competitive edge.

Railcar Maintenance

FLEXRail’s railcar maintenance and equipment management services help to maximize the productivity of your fleet.

  • Schedule and Shop Cars: Schedule and shop railcars for routine and non-routine railcar maintenance needs, including scheduling Mobile Repair Units (MRU).
  • Maintain Inspection & Repair History: Document and report maintenance events and history.
  • Tank Railcar Cleaning: Full-service, logistics support providing tank and hopper railcar cleaning options.
  • UMLER/EMIS Management: Maintain records in the UMLER/EMIS database.
  • Shop Estimates: Review and approve estimates.
  • Invoice Audit and Payment: Perform audit and transact payment of shop invoices.

Rail Technology

Whether you’re new to rail or are an experienced shipper, FLEXRail is available for project-based work when the time, focus or expertise is not available internally.

  • Rail service design and setup
  • Rail rate analysis and benchmarking
  • Mileage equalization audit
  • Demurrage management
  • Fleet sizing and fleet asset strategy study
  • Finding and evaluating new rail locations
  • Administering significant fleet changes
  • Leading value stream mapping exercises to assess a shipper’s rail program

About Us

We combine talent, knowledge, expertise and technology to deliver innovative solutions that make rail shipping simpler, more efficient and more cost-effective.

FLEXRail is a premier rail logistics solutions provider. With over four decades of experience in rail transportation and logistics, we’ve helped customers in every major industry improve the effectiveness of their rail transportation efforts. With a range of solutions that include logistics services, terminal operations, transloading solutions and more, we can tailor our services to meet your transportation needs.

Led by an experienced team of rail transportation, yard management and logistics experts from companies including Autoport, AWC, Canadian National Railway, Illinois Central, and the Belt Railway of Chicago, FLEXRail provides you with unparalleled expertise and operational excellence in all phases of your supply chain management process.

As a company, we have a singular mindset: We want to be the best, positively different, and relentlessly improving. We treat our customers like customers and focus on their challenges and priorities. We provide our customers with a sustainable competitive advantage through cost-effective and highly reliable solutions.

FLEXRail Solutions is part of Liberty Hill Equity Partners, LLC, a Cincinnati-based private equity firm, and Apex Holdings, LLC, a privately held holding company that operates across a breadth of industries and features an expanding portfolio of companies in the automotive logistics and transportation sectors.

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